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Pisces inspired Celestial Mala - Bali Malas

Pisces Celestial Mala


‚ÄčFebruary 19th - March 20th

  • ASTROLOGICAL TIMING: Sun in Pisces ¬†
  • ELEMENT: Water
  • QUALITIES:¬†Compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, imaginative, escapist, impressionable, receptive, emotional, romantic, mystical
  • SYMBOL: Two Fishes¬†- tied to one another and swimming in opposite directions. Signifying hidden depths, shifting emotional currents, conflicting desires, and extremes of temperament. ¬†
  • RULING PLANET: Neptune
  • KEYWORD: "I believe"

Mantra:  I believe in myself and all that I am. 

Gemstone option: Lapis Lazuli, amethyst and aquamarine


  • 7mmm rudraksha
  • light blue tassel with
  • hand-rolled clay pendant¬†
  • sterling silver OM

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