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A New Tune

Posted by karyn Robinson on

A New Tune

Often at this time of year we contemplate either breaking old habits or creating new ones, and as we've all experienced, this is not so easy to do.  Habits;  good ones, bad ones, indifferent ones, they are all just something we go to without much thought or consciousness.  Does it really take the jarring of the knee upon the side of the table, the surprising scratch, jolt, screech of the needle being pushed out of it's groove to disturb the habit?  I suppose that is one way to break a habit, but often it is not pleasant and can leave behind a trace, a permanent scratch or scar, depending on the depth of the habit.  The sudden sharp shift of a habit often leaves behind a momento;  a scratch upon the record. 

Contrary to this is taking the needle consciuosly from the groove of the record, intentionally stating and then most importantly taking action on changing the tune.  This way of change usually won't scartch or scar....... as much.  That conscious action, the hand reaching gingerly for the needle, the soft, light touch of the finger lifting in a precise cautious way, then the focus of consciously replacing the needle back onto the spinning disc of our lives in just the right, particular soft way.  This conscious shifting, lifting ourselves out of our old groove/habit and hearing a new tune can be akin to vinyasa - to place in a particular way.  Here's to hearing a new tune of 2017!

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