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Adorn Yourself in the Healing Power of Sacred Malas Beads: A Guide for Inner Peace Through Outer Beauty.

Posted by Jenny Jean Almquist on

In today's fast-paced world of distractions, encouraging solace and comfort for your senses is paramount to creating the foundation for transforming your daily life into a spiritual journey enhanced by the sublime.

Adorning yourself with sacred objects such as Bali Malas rudraksha seeds and gemstones is an effortless and brilliant way to resource yourself with the life-force energy that these treasures possess- encouraging an experience of acceptance of the present moment and thus, inner peace and outer beauty. 

The Significance of Sacred Objects

woman meditating with bali mala beads in boulder colorado

Across all cultures, sacred objects are cogent reminders of the collective energy of creation and our inherent divinity. The specific meaning and significance may vary depending on cultural and religious contexts, however, they are generally regarded as talismans who invite healing and transformative powers into your life, offering a sense of protection and promoting overall well-being.

The Allure of Mala Beads

Mala beads, traditionally used in meditation and prayer, have in recent years become fashion accessories with deep spiritual meaning. The aesthetic, energetic properties and symbolism of our hand-knotted strands of rudraksha beads and gemstones, can lend a helping hand in your life by inspiring your wellness practices and help you zhuzh up your appearance.

When I catch a glimpse of my reflection or find my fingers enjoying the tactile experience of my mala bead necklace, I am reminded to take a conscious breath and check in with my emotions and bodily senses. And, I just love how our stunning designs perk me up and give me a boost of confidence when I'm not feeling so attractive.

Magnetic Quality of Feeling Attractive

Do you feel a little guilty for how much you desire to be attractive because you believe that on some level striving for beauty is a vain, narcissistic endeavor?

In my previous career, I was an Ayurvedic Esthetician and Wellness Coach. I offered gentle, nurturing and nourishing therapies to quell various skin disturbances and support feelings of loveliness.

wellness woman wearing Bali Mala beads outdoors

Growing up a tomboy, for lack of a better word, I longed to feel pretty without putting on a costume of femininity that didn’t feel true to me.

I’ve always been an outdoorsy gal that values comfort, natural fibers, and flat shoes over fashion. For years, I felt silly in makeup and didn’t wear it. Funny, I should choose to become an esthetician where my everyday ambition was to enhance a people's appearance to align with our cultural expectations.

Early on it became apparent that a hydrating facial or a lovely lash tint could brighten one's day and give a extra little pep in the step that fueled a quiet confidence. I noticed that tending to one’s appearance could be less about vanity and shallowness and more of an uplifting gift to oneself and even the world.

Sure, we can get carried away and lean too much on our impermanent physical appearances, but to a great extent, our bright smiles and flirty eyes are primal and playful ways to promote genuine, meaningful connections. 


Beauty as a Primal Expression

Primal instinct compels us to adorn our bodies in a way that attracts friends, mates and resonate souls with whom we can connect. Our physique, plump skin and bright eyes convey health and vitality. Our habits of hygiene subliminally signify that we are safe and reliable. It’s truly a gift to humanity to embellish your appearance to some extent. 

Have you noticed how Mother Nature so brilliantly creates showy flowers with a delicious fragrance so bees will buzz on over and coat themselves with pollen, resulting in propagation of the species? You wouldn’t possibly think a flower vain for boldly blooming!

wellness woman with Bali Mala beads in Boulder, Colorado

We all long to be attractive, adored and accepted while remaining true to our own authentic expression of ourselves and for me, my mala beads and yoga jewelry are a comfortable statement of my earthy, colorful, soulful style and vibe. They are like subtle lighthouses that guide soulful friends and experiences my way.

An esthetician I noticed daily that when my clients felt fetching they projected a magnetic energy that’s irresistible. A major piece of being attractive is feeling attractive and no easier and sustainable way than to wear sacred pieces that are inherently reverent of your innate sacred physical being and draw us closer to our spiritual selves. 

In a world rife with disconnection and demands, the transformative beauty of sacred mala beads, paired with consistent, gentle self-care practices such as meditation, yoga, and the enjoyment of artistry, is a profound promoter of vitality, wellness, and magnetic energy. It can provide a sanctuary of inner peace and serenity.

Embody Artistry

By embodying our artisan creations, incorporating them into daily practices, and infusing your pieces with personal meaning, you unveil the potential for transformative growth and inner peace. Walk steady on your spiritual journey holding close your sacred malas beads, and experience their uniquely exquisite beauty. 

Revel in Scared Beauty,

Jenny Jean


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