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Connecting with the Soul of Bali: A Journey of Inspiration and Reverence.

Posted by Jenny Jean Almquist on

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Jenny Jean Almquist With Bali Malas Walking


When I stepped off the plane onto the paradise that is the island of Bali, my senses were set ablaze by the enchanting beauty that surrounded me. As a designer for Bali Malas, my recent trip to Bali was a transformative experience, filled with profound connections, inspiring moments, and a deep reverence for the vibrant, kind culture that breathes life into our handcrafted sacred rudraksha malas. Join me on this soulful journey as we explore the magic of Bali and how it fuels our passion for creating meaningful designs.


From the moSoma Temple Wearing Bali Malas Braceletsment I arrived, Bali welcomed me with aromatic tropical air, embracing me in its warm and inviting spirit. The Balinese people radiate a genuine kindness that is palpable in every interaction.

Their devotion to their traditions and spiritual practices is awe-inspiring, serving as a constant reminder of the profound significance behind the sacred rudraksha malas we create.



 The Delight of Collective Creativity! 

One of the highlights of my trip was designing alongside the dedicated makers who bring our malas to life. The team at artisans at Bali Malas is a group of talented creators who have been with us for many years and they devote their heart and soul to each mala they craft. Their meticulous attention to detail and their dedication for their craft is truly apparent in each piece. Their skill and expertise have elevated our designs, making each mala a sacred masterpiece infused with pure love and high vibes.


Aum Rudraksha Team Hand Making Bali Malas


Daily Rituals of Offerings

Soma Temple and Raven Temple doing Japa with Malas


In Bali, offerings and blessings are an integral part of life. Every morning baskets of flowers, incense, rice and sweets are placed outside workplaces, schools, stores and homes.


And so it is that our malas are continually steeped in prayer and blessings.



Full Heart, Inspired Soul

As I return back to the US with a full heart and inspired soul, I'm so very excited to share our new designs that will drop soon! There are so many new treasures to choose from and I'm sure you'll find fresh designs that will become cherished companions on your path of spiritual exploration and transformation.

Many, Many thanks to our production team, drivers, hosts and all the people of Bali who welcomed us so kindly and made us feel at home.

Thank you for opening your arms and hearts to us, and for allowing us to share the magic of your island with the world.

Thank You, Bali!

Garnet and Moonstone Necklace by Bali Malas


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