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Stories of Bumi Sehat

Posted by Christy Wandrei on

Stories of Bumi Sehat

Bali Malas is proud to have been the original supporter of Bumi Sehat birthing center in Bali for over ten years.  Many say they will but not all do give back, we do, and we are honored to support such a beautiful organization as Bumi Sehat.  On this day of celebrating mothers we encourage you to make a cup of tea, get comfy and be touched by some of their stories. 

This collection of stories contain both written accounts and personal recollections, videos and photographs of mothers and babies, families, youth, volunteers, and donors — the people we consider as part of our growing community of supporters here at Bumi Sehat.
Story: My Hero, Ibu Robin Lim
People thought I was crazy to even consider getting on a plane to Indonesia the day after running the ING NYC Marathon for Every Mother Counts, and in hindsight I probably was, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to travel across the world to meet an extraordinary woman who is doing extraordinary things for families. 
Robin Lim is a midwife, mother of five, wife, mentor, and community crusader who has been living in Bali for the last twenty ... read more

Story:  Tales from the Field
Last night a Sumbanese child arrived in the place we took you to visit in Bali.
My Husband Wil got up to drive me to Sanur at 1 am, as a young Sumbanese woman in the slum had given birth to her second baby, on the cement floor, and no one was there to help her.
We flew to Sanur, normally a 1 to 1.5 hour trip, but at that hour with no traffic we made it in 22 minutes. We ran the traffic lights, as we were concerned for the mother and baby's condition. There we found 24 year Rani in a pool of her own blood. Baby shivering on a wet rag, on the floor... read more

Story:  A hard life turns into a beautiful baby boy
Sunnah is Sasak, from a tiny village in Lombok. She is married to a surfer and lives in the jungle by the sea, where the waves pound the shore. In September 2012 a woman also living on that beach gave birth to twins, attended only by her husband, and she hemorrhaged to death. A week latter one of Sunnah’s childhood friends died also of hemorrhage after childbirth, at a small clinic, her bleeding just could not be stopped.  Afraid of postpartum bleeding, Sunnah and her husband took the ferry from Lombok, with their motorcycle and a small backpack of belongings. They were tired and hungry when they arrived at Bumi Sehat read more

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