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One small bead at a time...

Posted by Christy Wandrei on

One small bead at a time...


Our very first "tag line" all those years ago was: "Bali Malas - Saving the world one bead at a time".  A bit grandious, I agree, but the principle behind it was, our beads can and do make a difference in this world.  From our annual donations to the birthing center of Bumi Sehat, to our Bali Street Children bracelets, where 100% of profit goes to getting little ones off the streets via Bali Street Kids foundation, to being a gateway for someone new to meditation practice, and by always being there to keep count of those oh so precious breaths, first and last.  We often get stories of how our malas have "one bead at a time" helped someone in some way, even if by just opening their hearts when gifting them to a stranger, or by helping a 16 year old with panic attacks by attaching a beautiful mantra from mom to them (see below).   
Come to think of it, maybe, just maybe, Bali Malas IS saving the world -  - -  one bead, one breath, one mantra, at a time.  

"I purchased this mala for my 16 year old son who has panic attacks hoping it would calm him.
He started to have another panic attack today and called me at work.  I asked him to take a deep breath to calm himself.. and also asked him if he was wearing his mala. He wasn't.  So I asked him to put it on, close his eyes, and tell himself, "I am safe, I am okay, I am in control." and told him to take a few long slow breaths. I told him to keep repeating what I said.  He eventually was able to calm himself down.

Well, he just walked in to tell me goodnight.  He said he thought "his beads" helped him.. he said he thought they smelled like sugar cane and it reminded him of me, lol. 

Anyway, I just felt I needed to share and to say, thank you!!  Your mala has given him some calming peace.. 💓"

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