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We all have them, that one most comfortable, go to, easy-smeasy sweater, boots, jeans, jewelry, scarf.... How would you describe your most comfortable items?  Mine are typically anything  that is loose large roomy, wide, easy, soft and silky, smells of leather and soothes my soul when I wear them.  The satisfaction I gain when struggling out of the more binding uncomfortable clothes (cough, yoga clothes, cough) and easing myself into my favorite wide legged cashmere drawstring pants, organic cotton t, and if cold a roomy sweater and my favorite old wool socks.  Oh and there is my ever present Equal and Unity bracelets I never take off (years!) and my ruby stud earrings.  Now I am complete.  Ahhhh.... I've been wondering what it is that makes that one piece our most comfortable, is it our criteria for the description above, mine being leather, angelic wool/cashmere, loose, smooth and soft?

"is it because they ARE our most comfortable items that it makes them even more so?  The repetitive washing and wearing, and the special treatment?  The love you show them, tenderly sewing small patches, always knowing where they are and maybe even allocating their own special spot in the closet?"
Or is it the experiences we have in them, the memories made in them?  The spilled paint spots, the wear in the knees from crawling with the kids, the comfortable seat from dancing at that amazing outdoor concert, the miles walked in the boots, the exposure, the events and happenings they've all worn off a bit on the soles of those shoes and on the knees of those jeans. I have a tad of supersition in me, and I just can't ever feel completely whole without having a rudraksha on in some form.  I've been hooked on these sacred seeds ever since I first held one in my palm in 2005, and now all these years later I would miss the protection they offer me, the comfort and the reminder of mindfulness daily around my wrist or neck.  My daily 108.   I believe those of use moved by the power of rudraksha agree, it is like a kindred to find other rudraksha wearers on the street.  We are a tribe of sacred bead lovers, a little club, recognizable by the frayed tassel, the almost blackened beads from years of life wear.  Have their beads become that dark from the sweat from a yoga immersion, the water from tears blessing them, the fray of the tassle from the accidental zipping into a coat....
What is or will be your go to Bali Mala, the one you just can't leave home without.  What is your daily 108?
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