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One foot on earth, one foot in nirvana....

Posted by Christy Wandrei on

One foot on earth, one foot in nirvana....

I am an ordinary housewife who found peace of body and mind through yoga. Coming to the mat helped me navigate the steep, sometimes rough circumstances of raising three lively children while managing a busy household. It made me a better wife for the last 25 years, and a more understanding mother. After a couple of years of practicing yoga for its physical side, I had the great fortune to meet several yoga teachers who have, for the last decade, also helped me sail the stormy seas of my mind. Through an extraordinary sequence of events, I was introduced to a spiritual teacher, Rinpoche Lama-la Phuntsok, head of the Lekshey Ling Monastery in The Himalayas. Choje Phuntsok granted me Refuge into the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, and gave me the dharma name “Phuntsok Deki” (“Perfect Joy”). Since that time, I have been a Vajrayana practitioner and an aspiring yogini, seeking to balance my material life (marriage, kids, house, car payments, college tuition, family vacations) with my spiritual life (mantra, dharana, dhyana, dharma, guru, sangha). One foot on earth, one foot in nirvana, seeking to manage the balance between.

Today, yoga is a means of finding my own voice so that I can be my most authentic self. I practice in order to carve out my own unique passage through this life keeping my body healthy, my emotions easy and my mind resilient, and productive.

“The Veil” mala came about because I know that mantra practices can be the internal cornerstone of support and stability when circumstances on the outside seem to be stressful, turbulent or unpredictable. Some of the deepest rewards of practice come in the form of the rare profound insight, a deeply centered calm, or a mind rooted in the high-energy of faith that reassures, “Life is as it should be”. These practices have also given me a subtle strength allowing me to firmly express my most natural individuality. Thus, I’ve chosen these sacred beads for “The Veil”: Rudrakshas because they ward off negative energies and support the developing energy of the practitioner. Amazonite for its capacity to support the throat chakra, communication, trust and faith. Pearls for their calming, centering energy that likewise support faith and love energy. Silver Beads because they augment the connection between one’s material & spiritual nature, and draw out the negative while amplifying the powers of the other beads. The Vajra because it symbolizes a pure mind that is as clear, as strong and as stable as a diamond (the symbol of Vajrayana, the Diamond Path). This being the inevitable result of consistent internal practice. The Crimson Tassel and thread because that is the color worn by Rinpoche Lama-la Phuntsok, and the monks of the Karma Kagyu Lineage.

My sincere hope is that “The Veil” or any mala be not only worn, but also used for practice. Use it to steer your mind through mantra, prayer or intention-filled thoughts. Hold it to create your internal narrative of faith, love, and strength. Wear it as a reminder of your innate fortitude and resilience through any and all circumstances. Om (essence of awareness) Ah (essence of emptiness) Hum (essence of unified heart-wisdom) ~Marayogini (Phuntsok Deki)

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