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distracted by dazzle.

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distracted by dazzle.

How did your garden grow?
It is the season of harvesting, gathering, and sowing of all we tended over the warmer, sunnier, spring and summer months.  A good time to bring within and really look at what we actually cultivated.  Is it in line with what we thought we had intended, planted, all those many hope-filled months ago? Or do we maybe have a rouge lettuce plant growing under your deck (yes that happened). It is time to come inside, to nestle in, to reflect, to stare at the flame.  Quieter, subtler, more internal, soother times are here with the approaching shortening days leading to the winter equinox.  Invite others inside to share this time with you.  Set extra plates at your table, share your abundance, your harvest, with those you love and those you want to know better.  The natural setting around a meal is a perfect opportunity for giving thanks, offering blessings, stating out loud to your table gathering your gratitude.  Bow your head and allow the acceptance, appreciation and graciousness to fill you.

blessed to have my entire family together last thanksgiving

As we approach the season of lights, sparkle, snazzmatazz, we too quickly can be caught like a deer in the headlights of all the tinsel and glitter literally being thrust upon us.  I love the season of twinkle, but try to not rush to it.  Don't be distracted by the dazzle quite yet, first do the halting, reflective, grateful part.  The contemplation on your offerings are just as important as the gifting and receiving of the later weeks yet to come.   As the master Ram Das stated so eloquently "be here now".  Lets eat!

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