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It seems all I touch lately tangles up TIGHT.  Even with the most carefully wrapped cords, last years consciously packed items that I begin to slowly, cautiously unfurl, suddenly coil and snarl up.  I am quickly lost in distraction and the bulbs begin to tighten on their cords, knots appear, and before you know it there is a giant complicated mess in my lap. Granted there is quite a bit to be tangled this time of year.  The holiday lights, the ribbons, the tinsel, the yarn, and those darn tiny ornament hanging hooks, (not to mention the finances, the family, the travel, the gifts, the planning, the food, the baking...) I can't help but see the connection of these ever present "holiday preparation tangles" reflected in my life outside of the tangible and frustrating cords and bulbs.  When I pause I can almost feel on a cellular level my foundation literally swirling, tangling up in the chaos I've created.  My thoughts, quickly follow, spinning and cyclical, then my breath fast and shallow, and now most recently my body (sore throat, stuffy nose, cold sore) Nonetheless, when I do take those conscious breaths, those halts, unclenching my jaw and focusing internally on peace, even just uttering the word "peace" (try it), it allows those chaotic cells to fall into a more rhythmic pattern and a dance begins to form.  It may not be always a slow romantic waltz, but it is not always a mosh pit either. I encourage you to look at the mass of strings as a puzzle, something to delve into, to concentrate upon, to get to the root of, to slowly pick apart, to unleash, to release, to smooth over, all of which are in some form definitions of peace.  And when you do oh what satisfaction, simplicity and beauty! As we enter this time of tangles I wish you the patience, direction, time and space to quietly sit and slowly untangle. visit for the most sacred of gifts this season.  Making the sacred essential.  We won't promise they won't tangle, but the untangling may be just what is needed....

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