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Sit. Meditate. Repeat.

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Sit. Meditate. Repeat.

meditate with our sacred malas

I’m a highly visual gal, if someone is looking for a misplaced item, my first question is “what does it look like, what color and shape is it?” 

Making vision boards

Every year around this time I make a vision board for the new year  (this is an exercise you can do each month, or quarter or on your birthday!) I use an old cork board and tack up cut out images to it.  

I find the images in the old magazines I have lying around.  

My favorite part of this creation is to quickly flip through the magazines, without stopping to second guess yourself or get lost in the latest lipstick quiz! 

If what I see on the page appeals to me I rip it out.

If it speaks to me in any way, I rip it out.

If I’m attracted to it, I rip it out. 

After I've accumulated a pile of torn out magazine pages I then sit and slowly sift through all and ask myself “why am I attracted to this?”  

Is it something I want in my life? What does it represent to me? Or is it just pretty fluff? I toss the images that don't fit into my "vision", then grab a handful of thumbtacks and start laying them up on the board. VERY IMPORTANT! after you have placed all these gorgeous images to guide you in achieving your dreams

You are what you think

I believe you are what you think, that yes we do have the power to manifest, to bring to life our intentions.  Thoughts become beliefs, and beliefs become a way of life.

BE SURE to place it in a spot where you SEE it often! 

The idea here being if we continue to remind our visual mind over and over of what we want to create in our life it happens! Shifting our brain, shifting our thoughts, shifting our lives!

It is fun to take down the old images from the last year, I love to review what appealed to me last year at this time, and what has manifested off the board and into my life. 

It used to surprise me the things that would eventually become a part of my life from my vision board, now I am not so much surprised as tickled! This method is a bit of an "old school Pinterest" but then again I am a very tangible person.

Start pinning on Pinterest!

I have loads of boards on our Pinterest account as well and strongly encourage you, especially if you love beautiful images, to get over to Pinterest and start pinning!

The issue I have with my Pinterest boards is that I don't see them daily. 

I have my vision board in my bedroom so when I'm walking past my bedroom closet, when I'm making my bed, when I'm going to sleep, when I wake up, there is my vision board subtly and subconsciously infiltrating my thoughts.

It can be quite amusing to watch my thoughts in meditation. 

It is crazy how they run wild, “monkey mind” swinging from one tree branch to the next. 

I have sat in meditation retreats and watched as my mind listed all my ex-boyfriends and tried to alphabetize all the Beatles songs I knew, while simultaneously staring a hole in the floor. 

Meditation, mantra, prayer, are all great tools to become aware of your thoughts, your beliefs, and maybe even train your thoughts.  

Meditate and manifest with Malas

I love using a mantra as a "#daily108", using my malas as I sit in meditation reciting my mantra, my prayer, and allowing each bead to hold this for me, to absorb the energy of my intention, practicality being my guide.

Use your malas, hold your space, and be the spectator of your mind. I encourage you as we begin this next rotation around the sun take time to give intention to your thoughts, absorb the power of images, and trust enough to believe it all into your life.

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