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We LOVE spreading the LOVE of our sacred malas to all, especially via festivals! 

Back in the day when the culture of "yoga festivals" was just beginning, we would pack up our car with all our malas, a table, chair, and maybe an umbrella, and head out to support these tiny growing collectives.

Selling malas during the festivals

We would often find ourselves located in fields of knee-high grasses, with only two or three other vendors, one or two classes, and some grassroots music!

Fast forward ten years - did you know there is a highly selective process to even be accepted to attend these festivals? 

Bali Malas has seen these OMazing festivals grow in popularity by HUGE proportions in our ten years of attendance.

Year after year Bali Malas is honored to have been chosen, consistently representing integrity and the anchor of authenticity at all the yoga festivals across the land.

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