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Evolutions, resolutions, desires and intentions - lets go a little deeper in 2016 - Bali Malas are a practical tool to help you get there...

The month of January is named after Janus, the Roman god of gates, doorways, bridges and passageways.  He is depicted with two faces, looking towards the future and to the past.  January is often a time of deep reflection and inquiry.  What is behind us and what is in front of us, beginnings and endings, new and old.

Janus is the gatekeeper of all of the doors in our soul.  He is aware of the endless portals of opportunities, potential and possibilities that reside there.  The month of January provides the perfect time for opening to all.  Imagine all these opportunities, all the possibilities, intentions and evolutions as revolving doors, continually giving us the choice of entering or exiting. 

January is full of paradoxes, and just as Janus looks simulatenously to the past and the future, we can see our desire for hibernation and our curiosity to emerge this month.  The new year beginning can stimulate us to inquire within about past events, these events culminating to our present day and then slowly, patiently unfolding into our future.  Janus with his sharp hindsight and focused foresight can open doors of reflection and contemplation for us.  He can assist us to simultaneously acknowledge the unpredictable nature of events while conducting ourselves with confidence and happiness, the certainties of the past and mystery of the future. 

January Meditation:
by Avia Venefica

  • Move into your deeper awareness by breathing, calming and settling yourself
  • Visualize a revolving door - like the kind you might see at the Peabody, the Fairmont, or some other uber-posh hotel.
  • This door is exclusive to you, and its propulsion is prompted by Janus, your guide in this meditation.
  • Pay close attention to this revolving door. Note the reflective glass, and the shimmery brass-work of the doorframe. Take stock of all the intricate details in your vision.
  • In this free-fall of meditative bliss, reach out your hand and give your revolving door a spin.
  • Round and round the door turns, the glass spinning off shards of luminous light with each revolution, the metal framework glimmers - become hypnotized by each revolution of this January door of potential.
  • Hold a clear intention in your consciousness to either see clarity into your future, or gain perspective from your past. Keep this intention clear as you continue to become mesmerized by the rotations of your door.
  • Now your revolving door begins to slow in its spinning, and you will begin to see one glass pane stand still in the center of your vision.
  • Lightly contemplate the imagery dancing within the glass of that door. Look on with wonder at each detail within and around the door that has stopped at the center of your view.
  • If you're stuck, ask Janus, the god of doorways to clue you in on what you're seeing and what it means.
  • Always take notes about your visions once you surfaced out of your meditation. Consult your notes throughout the days ahead. Odds are the pieces come together and your meditative visions become more clear with a little concentrated contemplation each day. In time, the answers begin to formulate.

Aquarius - truthful, just, curious, affectionate, imaginative - January 20 to February 18 - gemstone Garnet
The term garnet comes from the Latin granatus which means "seed-like".  January is a good time to think of these seeds (goals, resolutions, evolutions) and how to plant and nurture to fruition this fall.  Garnets are a reminder of the returning light, with each passing day from winter solstice forward we (northern hemisphere) begin to see the length of the light in our days, the sun lingering longer in our view.  Wear garnets as a reminder of this returning light, a window into your own personal light, and the seeds you will sow this year.  

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